Monday, January 6, 2014

What have I gotten myself into? (Day 3)

Today started off great and the last 4 1/2 hours have been MISERABLE. I have had the most intense headache I have had in a long time. It feels like I just want to shut my eyes and hope to fall asleep. Kinda impossible at work with these little ones running around. I have been eating great today and have already drank over 100 oz. of water. I don't feel hungry or bad as far as my body goes, just my head!! Ugh. Hopefully it goes away soon or i may have to cave in and take some ibuprofin.

Slept: 7 1/2 hours. The humidifier was leaking so I slept pretty good even though there was no calming noise I usually like.

(later) this next section is going to be TMI so stop reading if your little eyes can't bear some reality. Apparently a lot of people get constipated for the first couple days of the cleanse. OF COURSE with my luck I am one of those. After my toxins finally got released (*teehee*if ya know what i mean) my headache went away. WOOOHOOO!! So I was able to move on with my day. I was never 100% but DEFINITELY better and I'll take it.

When I got home I did my workout (see workout tab)...I thought it would be easy but once again Iris did not let me down. My arms are so tired I am trying with all my might to type these words. Working out may not be the hottest idea while I'm on this cleanse so we'll see how tomorrow goes. I have committed to a workout Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday so I may just need to lay off tomorrow and Friday.

My training starts Sunday for the bunny bolt 10k. Kinda silly but it gives me enough time to train (it's Apr 13) and it's in Denver. PLUS they will be laying eggs out with prizes/gifts inside. Hopefully there will be a winning lottery ticket..

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