Saturday, January 25, 2014

Playing Catch up (Day 20, 21, 22)

The last couple days have gone really great. I haven't been super diligent when recording food but I feel like I am being very mindful when choosing foods.

Sleep has been between 7 hours and 7 hours and 45 minutes.

Keeping up with a blog is pretty intense and repetitive so I will probably just start writing on here every couple days.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Day 19

So I recorded some of my food yesterday but it makes it very difficult when you eat something you do not know what it contains and how much. Because we went out to lunch on Monday I had leftovers for breakfast and so that threw me off for recording. The best bet when you don't know what is it in something is to eat less of what you normally would. Also, make sure you leave extra calories in your "budget" so you are certain you don't go over.

slept: 8 hours

When I worked out on Tuesday I was getting a side cramp doing jumping jacks. I may of had too much water so I tried really deep breathing. It helped a little but it kept coming back. Next time I will try to drink water far in advance so I am not thirsty during my workout.

My run today went well. It was 2 minutes running and 2 minutes walking at my race pace. I felt pretty good although I was not focusing on my breathing as well as I should. I am going to try to make a run day with Iris to see how I can breath better during my run.

Today is my first day working 9-6. The downfall is not getting home until 7, but the upside is I already worked out and am ready for the day. Tonight I can come home and just relax a little. We'll see how it goes...

Monday, January 20, 2014

slowly falling...gotta get up

I have realized I need routine in my life or I am all thrown off. Today we had an In-Service so I did not have to be to work until 9:45. This caused me to pack a breakfast (but not eat it), eat the lunch they bought us (pizza) and go out afterward (to Syrup). When you make mistakes you have to see what you could do differently next time rather than dwell.

Slept: 7 1/2 hours

I did wake up and run (see workout tab), but everything else was off. I am going to chill and regroup so I am ready to rock tomorrow.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Be diligent, yet not obsessive!

BRONCOS ARE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL!!!! What a great Sunday and a great weekend. I have not posted any blogs because well...I have been going non stop!

 Friday night I got a chance to zone out on the couch and watch some TV after my run and my push-up challenge. So my goal (to measure in a different way besides weight) was to achieve 30 push-ups on my toes in a minute. Well, I did that. I actually did 41 push-ups in 1 minute!!

Started by waking up at 6 am and had a workout at Iris' at 7 am (see workout tab). Afterwards I went to Sprouts, Sam's and King Soopers to get groceries. Barely got them all put away when Steven called for me to go get him from his parent's house (30 mins away). When I got there he still had a little work to do so I hung out with his mom. We went to Whole Foods to get lunch but then changed our minds once we got there. We did, however, get some delicious (and healthy!) ice cream. 
A little pricey but worth it if you have an ice cream craving. 99% of the ingredients I was familiar with which is also something that goes along with choosing healthy foods. We decided to go to Mad Greens for lunch and by the time we finally got home, it was almost 4 pm. I put dinner in the crock pot (southwestern burrito bake), prepped 2 meals for the week (low carb white cheese lasagna and chicken spinach enchiladas), breakfast (quinoa egg bake), and brownies (black bean brownies...I loved them but I think I may be the only one). I jumped in the shower and off we went to Black Hawk. I LOVE BLACK HAWK. Steven won $434 on one machine. I also won pretty good so it was a success. 

Slept in until 9:30, made baked mozarella cheese sticks for the game, worked out (see workout tab), and showered. We headed up to Ft. Collins to see Tiana, Alex and the babies. I tried making zucchini "chips" but they were too soggy and so I threw them away. We spent all day with the kids and then headed back...and here I am! 

I did not record all my food this weekend so my food log will be off a little but I did pay attention to what I was putting into my body. If you are at a party or go out to eat it can be difficult to eat healthy (or record) but you have to do the best you can if you are working towards a goal. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

One day at a time (Day 14)

Today marks two week of eating healthy, working out on a regular basis, no alcohol and no sugar. I feel really great and I am noticing this is becoming a lifestyle again rather than a "diet." When your body is cleansed of junk you can really feel a difference with how different foods affect your body. I actually got a compliment the other day about how great my skin looks. I never noticed but when you minimize processed foods and drink a ton of water everything starts functioning the proper way.

slept: 8 hours

Tonight I plan to do my third day of running for the week as soon as I get home. Tomorrow morning will be my weigh in day and next Saturday I will measure. Tomorrow I plan to make meals for the week and get some snacks prepped. This will allow for the week to run smoothly (again) and hopefully for some down time with my boo. Life gets crazy so hopefully with one day of chaos and cooking that will allow for 6 without.

Does anyone know how to keep vegetables (namely cucumber) cut and fresh longer than just a day or two? I would love to have them all cut for all 5 work days but it seems by Wednesday carrots get dried out, cucumbers get mushy and celery gets brown on the ends.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

I got it near perfect! (Day 13)

I DID IT!! I balanced every meal and every snack I ate today and I FELT GREAT. I never felt hungry, I didn't have any cravings and I was energized and happy. It took some planning and some time to enter it all into my lose it app but it was definitely worth it!

When I came home tonight I was just going to put on my pj's and chill because Steven had to get the tire fixed but he came home right at the time I would normally be leaving to work out. I decided to go work out and of course you can't ever regret that. I did feel a little lazy during the workout so I am not sure if that is from not eating directly before or just because I had in my head I was not going to go.

I am starting an excel spreadsheet to compile 40-50 crock pot meals. I am not a fan of the food on all the websites I have seen where people have made their own list. That, or they are meals that do not benefit my nutritional needs right now. When I am done I will post it on here. I am getting most of my recipes from or from meals I have the nutrition facts calculated and written down for myself.

This weekend we are going grocery shopping and prepping meals on Saturday. That way we can get up on Sunday (I will run before church), go to church then head up to Ft. Collins to see my sister, brother in law, and nieces/nephews (tucker, quincy, sam and molly) and watch THE BRONCOS!!!!

slept: 7 hours 45 minutes

I have 45 minutes until bed time and I am going to sleep on time.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Day 11 and Day 12

So I didn't post yesterday because I was busy making dinner as soon as I got home from work and it just kinda was non-stop from there.

I finished the cleanse and lost 6 lbs and 2 inches from my waist and 2 inches from my hips. I should be happier but I guess I had higher expectations. After talking to Iris tonight, I am going to stop getting on the scale as often and really focus on my food and balancing it better. By balancing I mean having fats, carbs and protein with each meal and snack I eat. Also, I may be eating too much fruit which raises your insulin. With each serving of fruit you should match 2 servings of vegetables so I will be cutting that back. She is so knowledgeable and I am so glad I have her to help me learn so much.

slept: 7 hours.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Early to bed...early to rise (Day 10)

Today was my first day to wake up early to run. It was the same workout to yesterday only fewer rounds so it was super quick. I was really happy I had everything prepared last night (clothes laid out, food packed, work bag packed). It made the morning run smoothly.

slept: 7 hours and 45 minutes

I woke up at 5 am. It won't be that early any other time. I wanted to get in the habit of running in the morning. My work schedule changes next week where twice a week I will work 9-6 instead of 8-5. Those will be my running days and I will run in the mornings before work.

I felt a little hungry today even though I packed quite a bit of food. I think mentally I didn't want my lunch (the canned chicken..AGAIN...) so I was just over it all day. Food is fuel and I am glad my mind and thoughts have been reversed back to that these past 10 days. Teachers and parents have brought in Reese's (MY FAVORITE!!) and chocolate and I did not even crave it or want it. Sugar and I do not have a great relationship. I love it and I think I want it but nothing happens after I eat it. I don't get a mood enhancer or more energy, I just get obsessed with eating it again.

The cleanse is all over!! Now I can start eating dairy and grains again but I will limit them and my goal is to make healthy choices each time something goes in my mouth.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Can't...move....legs...or arms, core, neck...(Day 9)

I guess all the fun and action from yesterday has hit me. I am sore literally from my neck to my ankles. I love being sore, though. I think it marks hard work and makes me realize how many muscles I still need to work on. Today was good. Very busy getting ready for the week.

Slept: 8 1/2 hours.

Woke up and went to church. My friend Casey went with me which was so nice to have a friend come. Steven couldn't go because he went to help his parents move. Anyway, after church I went to Sprouts to get fruits and veggies and target and bed bath and beyond.

Came home and turned on the Broncos (WOOHOO THEY WON!!). I got laundry in and got my workout clothes on. Today was day 1 for my training schedule. I knew the running would start off slow but I didn't realize how slow. I did not sweat, barely burned 130 calories (in 34 min) and was basically just doing it to do it. In the notes it does say this program is for people who have not run in 3 months or more (which I have) but I liked the idea of starting slow. This helps prevent injury. I also got to try out my new Brooks Ghost 6 shoes which I LOVE!! (see workout tab for the entire workout) Since it was at such a slow jog I took the time during the running part to focus on keeping my abs engaged and my breathing. I also tried different strides to see how they felt. This also helped me feel good about stretching all my tight muscles I used yesterday.

Got breakfast, lunches and snacks prepared for Steven and me for tomorrow and Tuesday. Tomorrow is the last day of the cleanse and I am looking forward to being able to open our diet a little more to add some beneficial nutrients.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

21 days to make it a habit (Day 8)

Snowboarding was SO much fun. I am exhausted but I did a lot better than the last time I went. I actually had to go on the lift alone (my friend got stuck in the snow and the lift came too soon) which was my worst nightmare. The lift is the scariest part for me because I fall every single time I try to get off. I don't know what it is but somewhere from standing up to getting down that little hill gives me an anxiety attack (not literally but I feel so nervous). Anyway, because I had no choice but to face my fear alone and to be the first one up the mountain I took that time to pray. I don't know that I have ever prayed out loud before, but I did and I prayed for courage, no injury and to be fearless. It may have been the high altitude or the praying out loud or merely  me just hearing my own fears that something changed today and I tried my hardest. I have been snowboarding before a couple times but after the first couple of falls I always feel defeated. I can stay up for a little while but whenever I get nervous or go too fast I just fall down. Today I didn't do that. I actually tried to make changes and it worked. I got down the mountain all by myself and felt great doing it. I was, however, extremely sore in my legs. I think that is due to using my toes to balance at the top of the mountain (using my calf muscles) or doing a workout this morning before going.

slept: 8 hours

This morning I woke up at 6 am and went to Iris' for our Saturday workout. I was so happy I did that because even though I can easily cancel to sleep in, I always feel so much better afterward. We did a partner/station workout (see workout tab) and abs.

When I got home Steven made us a delicious breakfast (see food tab) and had all our gear ready to rock. Shaunna and her husband, Jason, came at 8:45 and we headed up to Loveland. The traffic was terrible but we made it and today was super successful.

Tonight I went to the grocery store. I bought some simply 100 chobani greek yogurt and protein bars for the week. We haven't been able to have dairy or "processed" food on the cleanse but I feel like greek yogurt (as long as it is less than 9 g of sugar) is a great source of protein for a snack. I have noticed it makes me a little bloated but in the same sense, I love how full I feel. The protein bars I got had a great balance and the nutrients seemed pretty decent for being processed. I could understand most the ingredients and I LOVEEEE protein bars for a snack. It also helps me curb my sugar cravings when I have them.

Tomorrow I start my training for the first 10k. Each day is very planned out so I can be as efficient as possible. This past week was my last wishy-washy workout this means business :)

Friday, January 10, 2014

7 days down..3 to go!! (Day 7)

I made it a week (almost)! Not so bad. I am, however, concerned about our snowboarding trip tomorrow. I love having snacks when we are snowboarding so I will just have to make sure they are all healthy and cleanse-friendly.

Today has been a great day. I brought "boring" food since we are almost out of groceries but I have survived and I am feeling really good.

slept: 8 hours. One bad dream but nothing like the night before last.

(later) I am learning the key is really small snacks ALL day long. This way I am not ever to the point of starving which helps me make good food choices. I am also learning self control and although I really miss sweets (sometimes) I will be able to modify my choices. I have gotten some recipes I think I will try next week to curb that sweet tooth. Perhaps a brownie made with black beans...scary thought but it must work or it wouldn't have gotten as popular as it has. I will keep you posted.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

It's almost the weekend (Day 6)

Today went pretty well. I got kinda cranky this morning but I think that is because I did not have everything I needed in order to book these flights. I just made flight reservations so I am feeling good. I am SO excited to go to NYC and to Mystic, Ct to see Steven's grandma. I am excited to see a new part of the states I have not seen and to eat all that yummy food. I will plan to continue my workout plan while I'm there, though, because if you stop working out even for a couple days, you can really suffer!!

Slept: A little less than 8 hours. Up quite a bit with bad dreams (probably eating dinner too late due to my workout), going to the bathroom, and Steven having a rough night, too.

Besides being cranky this morning today went great. My trainer called tonight to cancel our workout because she had a dinner to go to. It actually worked out great because I needed to run to my mom's in Parker to get some stuff and tonight was the only night I could do it. No workout means=less calorie intake so I had to be very selective with dinner.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Yes! (Day 5)

Today I felt fantastic. I woke up in a good mood, I did not feel sleepy all day and it was a great day overall. I am getting the hang of this new eating routine (and having no cravings).

We are planning a trip to New York City and Connecticut (to see Steven's grandma) so I have been a little preoccupied researching the best deals, hotels, flights, etc. I have been writing 3 goals each night for the next day and I love it because it is not overwhelming yet I feel accomplished.

My workout with Iris was KILLER. my shoulders and arms are dead. I loved it so much though (once it was done!)

That being's almost bed time and I'm running out of time.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Back on track (Day 4)

I woke up today feeling great!! My entire day has been great and no real set backs.

Slept: 7 1/2 hours. Woke up once at 3:25 to go to the bathroom.

I added 1/2 an avocado to my breakfast and 1/2 to lunch. I just grabbed it and didn't cut it before I left and I hate wasting food so I ate all of it. This made my fat and calories sky rocket. I know it's healthy fat but next time I need to be more prepared and only scoop out about 2-3 tbsp. 

(later) I did get a little hungry on my way home from work but that's because I didn't eat my veggies, hummus or cashews. I think because the avocado was going to limit the amount of calories I could have for dinner I mentally didn't want to eat anything else until dinner. I just prepared more snacks and lunches for tomorrow, Thursday and Friday. I will have to cut up kiwi the night before but other than that I should be well prepared.

I am planning to go to bed a little early tonight because it's been taking me forever to actually get into bed and fall asleep. Now...time for some relaxation and dinner!!

Monday, January 6, 2014

What have I gotten myself into? (Day 3)

Today started off great and the last 4 1/2 hours have been MISERABLE. I have had the most intense headache I have had in a long time. It feels like I just want to shut my eyes and hope to fall asleep. Kinda impossible at work with these little ones running around. I have been eating great today and have already drank over 100 oz. of water. I don't feel hungry or bad as far as my body goes, just my head!! Ugh. Hopefully it goes away soon or i may have to cave in and take some ibuprofin.

Slept: 7 1/2 hours. The humidifier was leaking so I slept pretty good even though there was no calming noise I usually like.

(later) this next section is going to be TMI so stop reading if your little eyes can't bear some reality. Apparently a lot of people get constipated for the first couple days of the cleanse. OF COURSE with my luck I am one of those. After my toxins finally got released (*teehee*if ya know what i mean) my headache went away. WOOOHOOO!! So I was able to move on with my day. I was never 100% but DEFINITELY better and I'll take it.

When I got home I did my workout (see workout tab)...I thought it would be easy but once again Iris did not let me down. My arms are so tired I am trying with all my might to type these words. Working out may not be the hottest idea while I'm on this cleanse so we'll see how tomorrow goes. I have committed to a workout Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday so I may just need to lay off tomorrow and Friday.

My training starts Sunday for the bunny bolt 10k. Kinda silly but it gives me enough time to train (it's Apr 13) and it's in Denver. PLUS they will be laying eggs out with prizes/gifts inside. Hopefully there will be a winning lottery ticket..

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Refreshing (Day 2)

Today at church the pastor discussed keeping people around you that are "refreshing." This is a great reminder in any situation but especially when you are trying to change and better your life. People that are refreshing do not wear you down with negativity, drama and unnecessary worry. I'm adding a goal this week to try to lift someone up who is not refreshing. Maybe by being positive around them, they can also see some positivity in their own surroundings.

Slept: 9 hours. Did not wake up at all, except maybe to go to the bathroom.

I woke up happy and felt a little lighter on my feet. I was extremely proud we (Steven, too!!) both made it through our first day. It was tough, but today is a new day.

Breakfast was good (and filling). (see food tab)

We went to church and then picked up some things from Sam's Club. I realized this chicken is going to go fast so we stocked up.

So far I'm feeling good (not so tired). I had a small headache this morning but maybe that was from the cold air or just all this bad stuff leaving my body.

(later) I just finished prepping all Steven and my snacks and lunches for tomorrow and Tuesday. i used to prepare them for the entire week but the veggies get too dried out by Friday. I feel accomplished and ready for the week.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Day 1


Today I started the 10 day herbal cleanse by Advocare. This is to get me back on track and clear my mind and body of all the toxins I've been in-taking over the holidays.

Slept: 7 1/2 hours. woke up around 3 am for about 20 minutes

I felt good during and after my workout even though it was a little tough. (see workout tab)

It's a cold and snowy day so I'm showered and back in my pajamas. It may be tough being inside but my refrigerator is filled with fruits, veggies and healthy fats and lean proteins.

(later) The day was difficult being inside all day. I felt hungry but made healthy snack (see food tab) during the day. I tried to eat every couple hours to keep from getting to the "starving" phase. I took 2 naps. Not sure if it was from the snowy day, waking up in the middle of the night, or lack of energy from food. Hopefully tomorrow I can keep occupied more so that I don't feel as hungry. I did great on calorie counting (and staying under budget but above 1200).