Friday, January 17, 2014

One day at a time (Day 14)

Today marks two week of eating healthy, working out on a regular basis, no alcohol and no sugar. I feel really great and I am noticing this is becoming a lifestyle again rather than a "diet." When your body is cleansed of junk you can really feel a difference with how different foods affect your body. I actually got a compliment the other day about how great my skin looks. I never noticed but when you minimize processed foods and drink a ton of water everything starts functioning the proper way.

slept: 8 hours

Tonight I plan to do my third day of running for the week as soon as I get home. Tomorrow morning will be my weigh in day and next Saturday I will measure. Tomorrow I plan to make meals for the week and get some snacks prepped. This will allow for the week to run smoothly (again) and hopefully for some down time with my boo. Life gets crazy so hopefully with one day of chaos and cooking that will allow for 6 without.

Does anyone know how to keep vegetables (namely cucumber) cut and fresh longer than just a day or two? I would love to have them all cut for all 5 work days but it seems by Wednesday carrots get dried out, cucumbers get mushy and celery gets brown on the ends.

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