Thursday, January 9, 2014

It's almost the weekend (Day 6)

Today went pretty well. I got kinda cranky this morning but I think that is because I did not have everything I needed in order to book these flights. I just made flight reservations so I am feeling good. I am SO excited to go to NYC and to Mystic, Ct to see Steven's grandma. I am excited to see a new part of the states I have not seen and to eat all that yummy food. I will plan to continue my workout plan while I'm there, though, because if you stop working out even for a couple days, you can really suffer!!

Slept: A little less than 8 hours. Up quite a bit with bad dreams (probably eating dinner too late due to my workout), going to the bathroom, and Steven having a rough night, too.

Besides being cranky this morning today went great. My trainer called tonight to cancel our workout because she had a dinner to go to. It actually worked out great because I needed to run to my mom's in Parker to get some stuff and tonight was the only night I could do it. No workout means=less calorie intake so I had to be very selective with dinner.

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