Monday, January 13, 2014

Early to bed...early to rise (Day 10)

Today was my first day to wake up early to run. It was the same workout to yesterday only fewer rounds so it was super quick. I was really happy I had everything prepared last night (clothes laid out, food packed, work bag packed). It made the morning run smoothly.

slept: 7 hours and 45 minutes

I woke up at 5 am. It won't be that early any other time. I wanted to get in the habit of running in the morning. My work schedule changes next week where twice a week I will work 9-6 instead of 8-5. Those will be my running days and I will run in the mornings before work.

I felt a little hungry today even though I packed quite a bit of food. I think mentally I didn't want my lunch (the canned chicken..AGAIN...) so I was just over it all day. Food is fuel and I am glad my mind and thoughts have been reversed back to that these past 10 days. Teachers and parents have brought in Reese's (MY FAVORITE!!) and chocolate and I did not even crave it or want it. Sugar and I do not have a great relationship. I love it and I think I want it but nothing happens after I eat it. I don't get a mood enhancer or more energy, I just get obsessed with eating it again.

The cleanse is all over!! Now I can start eating dairy and grains again but I will limit them and my goal is to make healthy choices each time something goes in my mouth.

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