Sunday, January 12, 2014

Can't...move....legs...or arms, core, neck...(Day 9)

I guess all the fun and action from yesterday has hit me. I am sore literally from my neck to my ankles. I love being sore, though. I think it marks hard work and makes me realize how many muscles I still need to work on. Today was good. Very busy getting ready for the week.

Slept: 8 1/2 hours.

Woke up and went to church. My friend Casey went with me which was so nice to have a friend come. Steven couldn't go because he went to help his parents move. Anyway, after church I went to Sprouts to get fruits and veggies and target and bed bath and beyond.

Came home and turned on the Broncos (WOOHOO THEY WON!!). I got laundry in and got my workout clothes on. Today was day 1 for my training schedule. I knew the running would start off slow but I didn't realize how slow. I did not sweat, barely burned 130 calories (in 34 min) and was basically just doing it to do it. In the notes it does say this program is for people who have not run in 3 months or more (which I have) but I liked the idea of starting slow. This helps prevent injury. I also got to try out my new Brooks Ghost 6 shoes which I LOVE!! (see workout tab for the entire workout) Since it was at such a slow jog I took the time during the running part to focus on keeping my abs engaged and my breathing. I also tried different strides to see how they felt. This also helped me feel good about stretching all my tight muscles I used yesterday.

Got breakfast, lunches and snacks prepared for Steven and me for tomorrow and Tuesday. Tomorrow is the last day of the cleanse and I am looking forward to being able to open our diet a little more to add some beneficial nutrients.

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