Friday, January 10, 2014

7 days down..3 to go!! (Day 7)

I made it a week (almost)! Not so bad. I am, however, concerned about our snowboarding trip tomorrow. I love having snacks when we are snowboarding so I will just have to make sure they are all healthy and cleanse-friendly.

Today has been a great day. I brought "boring" food since we are almost out of groceries but I have survived and I am feeling really good.

slept: 8 hours. One bad dream but nothing like the night before last.

(later) I am learning the key is really small snacks ALL day long. This way I am not ever to the point of starving which helps me make good food choices. I am also learning self control and although I really miss sweets (sometimes) I will be able to modify my choices. I have gotten some recipes I think I will try next week to curb that sweet tooth. Perhaps a brownie made with black beans...scary thought but it must work or it wouldn't have gotten as popular as it has. I will keep you posted.

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