Sunday, January 5, 2014

Refreshing (Day 2)

Today at church the pastor discussed keeping people around you that are "refreshing." This is a great reminder in any situation but especially when you are trying to change and better your life. People that are refreshing do not wear you down with negativity, drama and unnecessary worry. I'm adding a goal this week to try to lift someone up who is not refreshing. Maybe by being positive around them, they can also see some positivity in their own surroundings.

Slept: 9 hours. Did not wake up at all, except maybe to go to the bathroom.

I woke up happy and felt a little lighter on my feet. I was extremely proud we (Steven, too!!) both made it through our first day. It was tough, but today is a new day.

Breakfast was good (and filling). (see food tab)

We went to church and then picked up some things from Sam's Club. I realized this chicken is going to go fast so we stocked up.

So far I'm feeling good (not so tired). I had a small headache this morning but maybe that was from the cold air or just all this bad stuff leaving my body.

(later) I just finished prepping all Steven and my snacks and lunches for tomorrow and Tuesday. i used to prepare them for the entire week but the veggies get too dried out by Friday. I feel accomplished and ready for the week.


  1. You always lift me up!!

    When I buy chicken, I have the butcher cut it in strips. They take the fat off and package it for me. I make stir-frys, fajitas and other stuff. I also freeze it in strips so it makes life easier :)

  2. oh that's a great idea. we bought ours from sam's so we can buy in bulk for less. we got the hormone free, no gmo, no preservatives, etc for 4.99/lb. there is no fat or gross veins so i figure it's about the same price as the regular since you end up paying for a bunch of nasty fat. does the butcher charge extra?

  3. nope, and then he re-weighs it so you aren't paying for the nasty!

  4. that's really nice!! i may have to look into that next time!! do you buy organic?